Ethics Protocol

Manuscripts submitted to the journal must be an original contribution not previously published in any language or country (except as an abstract or preliminary report) and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. Likewise, updates of previously published studies that add little data to an existing publication will not be considered.

The Editor in Chief and the Editorial Board are primarily responsible for ensuring a fair review process. The final responsibility rests with the authors and the statements and opinions are solely those of the individual authors and contributors.


Each person listed as an author should have participated sufficiently in the work to take public responsibility for the content and agree to be accountable for all aspects related to its accuracy or integrity. This participation must include conception and design of the manuscript, data acquisition or data analysis and interpretation, drafting of the manuscript and/or revising it for critically important intellectual content, revision and final approval of the manuscript and statistical analysis, obtaining funding, administrative, technical, or material support, or supervision.

Once a manuscript has been submitted, the order of authorship (including adding or removing authors) cannot be changed without a written request to the Editorial Office from the corresponding author and a new Copyright Transfer and Authorship Responsibility Form, must be submitted. If an author is removed, a letter from that author agreeing to his/her removal is required; otherwise, the paper should be withdrawn.

Authorship changes cannot be submitted with proof changes. The publisher is not allowed to make such changes and it will delay the publication of your manuscript.

Corresponding author

The corresponding author is responsible for the submission and all communication with the Journal regarding that submission. It is the corresponding author’s responsibility to ensure that all authors meet the required authorship criteria indicated above. The corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that the Acknowledgments section of the manuscript is complete and for ensuring that the conflict of interest disclosures included in the manuscript is accurate and up-to-date.


The Journal of Acharya Narendra Dev Institute invites and accepts original articles which are not under consideration elsewhere at the time of submission. In accordance with academic and professional protocols, the Author must be the owner of the copyright and should duly fill and sign the Author Copyright Agreement and mail the same to the Editor along with the final accepted manuscript of the research paper. Moreover, authors must be sure that they have permission to reproduce copyright material be it figures, tables or extracts from the text of another source, prior to submitting their articles to the Journal.


Disclosures of conflict of interest

Authors are required to disclose any form of conflict of interest in the Acknowledgments section of the manuscript.

Financial conflict of interest may exist if any financial gain is brought to the author or to his/her family, business partners, or employer by direct or indirect commission; stock ownership or options in manufacturing companies; involvement in any for-profit or not-for-profit corporation where the author or his/her family is a director or recipient of a grant, including consultant and travel costs reimbursement.

Non-financial conflicts of interest may be political, personal, or intellectual.

Image manipulation

Figure and illustrations submitted with an article must be original. Image manipulation that may affect data interpretation is a frequent cause of rejection or retraction. For full information, refer to Image integrity.

Use of copyrighted material

If the manuscript submitted includes parts (quotations, tables, or illustrations) to which the authors do not own the copyright, then written permission from the copyright owner must be submitted before the peer-reviewing process is completed, along with full details on the original source. Give yourself ample time to request and receive permission. Any permission fees required by the copyright owner are the responsibility of the authors.