Review Process

The journal follows a stringent double blind review policy and greatly stresses on quality of the articles. In the upkeep of the quality of the journal, the paper is sent to two reviewers who are experts in their fields to review the paper in the light of journal’s guidelines.

The reviewer’s endorsements determines whether a research paper will be

  • Accepted
  • Accepted subjected to minor changes
  • Accepted subject to resubmission with significant changes
  • Rejected

The review process takes a maximum of 15 days. The reviewed research papers are then collected from the reviewers and send to the Executive Editor who shall send it to the concerned authors to make the necessary amendments, if any.

If the paper is accepted subject to modification, the Executive Editor shall send the reviewed research paper to the authors including a formal request to modify the paper within seven days as per suggestions of the reviewers. Post amendments, if the same paper is returned by the reviewers for the second time again then in that case the paper shall stand rejected and the journal will not proceed with the said paper.