1:- I want to get my research paper published in your Journal, where should I start?

Ans: You can mail the abstract of your research paper to editor@andjournal.in. Thereafter you’ll be informed about the acceptance of the same for publication.

2:- How much does the research institute charge for publication?

Ans. The research institute doesn’t charge anything for publishing a research paper. For submission of the research paper, you have to be a member of the research institute, the details of which are mentioned here: https://andjournal.in/payment-modes/

3:- How many research papers can I send for publication ?

Ans. The Research Institute accepts only one research paper from each Author for publication in any edition of the Journal.

4:-  Where can I find the general guidelines for writing the research paper?

Ans. All the guidelines are mentioned on our website: https://andjournal.in/general-guidelines-for-authors/

5:- Is there a Plagiarism Policy?

Ans. The Journal of Acharya Narendra Dev Institute is committed to high ethical codes in publication and quality of the journal. In doing so it is wedded to the canon of zero tolerance for plagiarism and expects ethical behavior from the contributors. The Editorial Board is very stringent about plagiarism and believes that producing ideas or work of others without giving them due to acknowledgment as highly objectionable.

6:- From where can I download the Plagiarism form?

Ans. The Authors are requested to fill up the Declaration of Authenticity and send the hard copy of the same to the editor at the below-mentioned address. The Format for the Declaration of Authenticity can be downloaded by clicking the link: Declaration of Authenticity.

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